Live cell therapy for hair loss Rigenera Activa

Live cell therapy for hair loss:

Rigenera activa


  • Rigenera Activa filter system is approved by Thai-FDA, US-FDA, CE as medical devices for tissue disaggregation
  • It is developed to create micro-grafts/ tissues enriched of progenitor’s cells which maintain their regenerative and differentiation potential by mechanical process, not chemical process




Hair regeneration: Tissue-based Therapy


  • Healthy scalp tissues(occipital area) are biopsied in small 1.0 mm punch for 20-30 follicular units, depended on the size of problematic areas.
  • Then scalp tissues are mechanical isolated by Rigenera Activa system à finally activated micro tissues in liquid suspension will be injected into thinning scalp areas.




Centrifuge machine: 80 RPM, no break


Disposable filter kit

The filters are medical devices CE and FDA approved for obtain progenitor cells suspension which can be used to restore and regenerate

A grid with 100 hexagonal holes.

Any hole is embraced by six micro-blades designed for efficient cutting of hard and soft tissues

50-micron diameter




  • Fast preparation of the tissues
  • Operator safety
  • No Cross contamination by tissue samples



The treatment area will be cleaned with antiseptic solution. Then hair cells will be injected into thinning scalp at concentration of 0.1cc per 1 cm using small needles.






The result may vary from person to person, early stage of hair loss will have more improvement.

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