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Hair Growth Timeline after FUE Hair Transplantation

Time post-op

Transplanted area

Donor area

The night of the surgery, and for the next few nights afterwards

Sleep with your head elevated on pillows. You will be given medication to help you sleep if needed, keep the headband while sleeping.    

The day after surgery

Hair is washed thoroughly. Grafts should be clean of blood

Some pain and numbness

2-3 Days

Scabbing is largely formed. Moderate redness may be present. Some swelling may appear on forehead, still wear the headband

Discomfort begins to disappear. Some numbness may continue.

Day 5 or 7

The hair root settled well. Scabs gradually flake off. The redness and swelling usually gone

Scab gradually flake off

2-3 weeks

Scabs are gone, slightly pinkish, expect to see a few new hairs sprouts coming through the surface looks and feels like a 4-day-old beard.

 Pinkish or redness of scar.

Scab is gone.     

Numbness is uncommon.

4- 10 weeks

Transplanted hair is shed as the follicles enter a dormant phase. May also notice the formation of acne like condition in the recipient area. This is normal and is only some of the new hairs trying to grow through the scalp.

Donor hair grows 1-2 cm.

Shock lost may occur.

3-4 months

Transplanted hair begins to grow first as very fine hair. The new hair will be thin and fine but will thicken over time.

The donor scar will be normal




8 months

Hair is styled, but transplant appears thin as hair continues to grow and thicken. Slight textural change in hair is occasionally present. Patient is evaluated for a possible second procedure.


1 year

By the time a full year has passed since the procedure the patient will see the final result however improvements may still be seen well over a year out from the surgery.



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