FUE stands for Follicular Unit Excision (Extraction) which individual follicles are extracted from the donor area (back and sides of head) then transplant to the balding area using implanters or forceps.

Direct hair implantation (DHI) is a modification of the FUE technique created by the company DHI Global Medical Group.

In FUE, a surgeon manually makes pre-made incision in your recipient area before implanting hair grafts. During DHI, they use sharp implanters that can do both at the same time.

Sharp implanters have been using for long time in South Korea or some countries which doctor has to do graft insertion by him/herself because the regulation by law. However, most doctors around the world prefer to use pre-made incisions to control angle and direction then the grafts are inserted by technicians using dull implanters or forceps.

If sharp implanters are used for making incisions and placing the grafts in the same time, make sure it’s done by physician not technicians.

So, is DHI better than regular FUE?

Not really, there are many factors to have a good result, you should look for:

Experience of doctor and technicians. You should research the doctor’s qualifications and experience.

How are the quality of grafts, transection rate?

What’s the machine that using for the procedure?

What’s the solution that using store the grafts, temperature is control?

 How the technician handles the graft during loading and placing the grafts.

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