Our technique FUE hair transplant thailand, ปลูกผมFUE หมอปลูกเองทุกเคส


   ปลูกผมFUE หมอก้องเกียรติ ปลูกผมเองทุกเคส 


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Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) is a method of donor hair harvesting for Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), where individual follicular units are extracted directly from the donor area, without the need for a strip excision.  


Mamba Nano FUE system

Now, we are using new FUE devices, Mamba Nano, the most sophisticated device (period) invented by Dr. Trivellini from Paraguay. 

To improve the quality of grafts, less time out of the body, so the better result.

This device is able to adjust many parameters, rotation, oscillation, vibration in the same cut and has suction assisted.
Smartreact is smart as it's named, no need the pedal switch, there is a sensor to activate the punch when it touch the scalp.

  Don't mention the punch, Trivellini's flared rim punch has flare edge to minimize the transection of graft. the size are 0.8-0.95 mm punches  are used to make a small circular incision in the skin around the upper part of the follicular unit, which is then extracted directly from the scalp. 


Dr. Laorwong, makes all the incisions on donor area and graft extracted by himself and his assistant.


First out-First in

To reduce time out of body of the grafts, we collect the grafts which “first out” will be “first in”.

The time out off body will be 2-5 hours depends on the number of grafts (max. 3000 grafts per day).

What we do is the custom circular aluminum dish which has 30 small channels, each whole keep 50 grafts and separate single-hair, 2-hair and 3-hair grafts in 3 groups.


Graft Storage Solution.

We use our own-prepared graft holding solution which has intracellular property mimics the body’s fluids as closely as possible,that extends the life of cells outside the body. The solution contains components that scavenge free radicals and provide pH buffering, osmotic support, energy substrates and ionic concentrations that balance the intracellular state at low temperatures. Our solution contains potent antioxidants, reduced-glutathione, Mannitol, Apocynin and Adenosine. Its proprietary, optimized formulation mitigates temperature-induced molecular cell stress responses that occur during chilling and re-warming of grafts. This results in significantly extended viability of grafts waiting placement during the hair transplant procedure.

Temperature Control

We use custom made aluminum heatsink and ice gel and put in the stainless bowl which cover with insulation foam, this will keep the temperature around 4-8 degree in 4-6 hours without changing.


Graft Placement

Dr. Laorwong makes all pre-made incisions in coronal fashion to make a uniform hair direction, angulation lead to the natural looking result. We use implanters for graft placement which is the new standard in hair restoration. Dr. Laorwong also does graft insertion by himself which seldom seen in other clinics.



Dr. Laorwong, makes all incisions on recipient area, and place the grafts with implanter pen by himself and his assistant.



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