FUE hair transplant Cost Bangkok Thailand ราคาปลูกผมFUE

ราคาปลูกผมFUE  หมอก้องเกียรติปลูกผมเองทุกเคส

FUE hair transplant cost  depends on the number of grafts.

We are able to do 4000 grafts per day ( depends on your donor hair)

Best result in Thailand, reasonable price, quality works, good services.


This price includes 
1. One free PRP injection (for greater than  or equal to 1000 grafts) during the procedure 
2. Post op medications e.g. antibiotics, pain killers, sleeping pills.
3. Wound care, hair wash and LLLT (low level light laser treatment, Healite) for 5 consecutive days.
LLLT promotes the healing, increases blood supply to the grafts, reduces swelling, redness and discomfort, and also prevents scarring.
We use the Trivellini system for FUE.
What does the doctor do in the procedure?
Doctor performs the most important parts.
Doctor draws your hairline and prepares the hair(shaving).
Donor: Doctor injects local anesthetic and  makes all excisions, my assistant pulls out the grafts, doctor also pulls out the grafts too.
Recipient : Doctor injects local anesthetic and makes all pre-made incisions with blade, doctor and assistant place the grafts with implanters.  Doctor places the grafts around 10-40% the rest are done by assistants.
You have to stay here for at least 3 days.
Day 1, :surgery
Day 2, afternoon, follow up, wound care, hair wash, LLLT.
Day 3-6, time to be confirmed, hair wash, LLLT
You can leave  day 3, but if you want us to take care of shampooing and LLLT, stay 3 more days.
Day 6, can be in the morning in case you have a flight in the afternoon.
Each day of post op care will take 45-60 minutes.
You have to arrange your own accommodations and transportation.
Special offer 
### Rigenera Activa cell therapy together with surgery 
50% discount from 75,000 THB to 37,500 THB (approximately 1040 USD)
### Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) (increase oxygenation, prevent necrosis, improved survival rate, speed up wound healing and less post op hair shedding,shock loss)
-The protocol is 100% Oxygen at 1.5 atmosphere, it takes 1 hour.
-1 treatment/day= 4000 Baht 
-3 consecutive treatments = 10,000 Baht (approximately $300 USD)
    Please make an appointment in advance now.
    After you have scheduled surgery, we require a deposit of 20000 Baht via the WISE App to secure the date.


For the Payment

  • We accept Thai cash
  • only VISA MASTER cards with free of charged
  • WISE App Transfer 
  • No financing available



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