Low level light laser therapy
Strip FUT

Mustache and Beard

Mustache, beard and sideburns transplantation are other facial hair

restoration surgery that can enhance your appearance or restore

your hair loss from cosmetic surgery  i.e. face-lift (loss of sideburns hair)

, in scared area or even in congenital defect like

cleft lip (mustache transplant cover the scar). 








1 week post op 1week post op

 9 months result


















Beard mustache 830 grafts, 10 months post op



5months result, 1000 grafts

5 months results,1000 grafts

5 months result, 1000 grafts

Donor area scars ( scalp 500 grafts), 5 months post op

Donor area scars ( beard 500 grafts) , 5 months post op



use beard hair as a donor

use donor hair from under chin

donor area after 1 year

1 year result.




3000 grafts